Dua For My Wife To Love Me

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Dua For My Wife To Love Me

Dua For My Wife To Love Me or for wife to be obedient can be use for controlling wife. You can use our wazifa for wife to love her husband. As all of us consider that the husband-wife relationship is the most Paak in world. There is a belief that this relation is the way of displaying the love of Allah. And the superpower Allah makes this relationship with super care at his place or in heaven.

Dua For My Wife To Love Me

Dua For My Wife To Love Me

But we have to maintain it on the earth—husband and wife both the pillars of the pure relationship. Not only wives can pray for the love of her husband. But husbands also can pray to achieve the affection of their wives from Allah. If it is so, Insha Allah, you will get the Almighty’s Meher for sure.

If you feel helpless just because your wife is no more attentive towards you, then start to pray. In this state of mind, you may feel frustrated and stressed. But being upset could not be a way out of this situation. Allah is the one who can save your relationship as he is omnipotent. So go for his help and start the ‘Dua for my wife to love me.’ Pray it with some extremities as follows-

  • Make sure of your sanitization (wuzu).
  • Start the Dua at a peaceful place and take a prayer mat to sit.
  • Now utter the sacred words of Durood with immense attention for three occasions.
  • To seek the Almighty Allah’s blessing, start to recite the Ayat Al Kursi consistently forty-one times.
  • As a closure of your prayer, utter three times the sacred ‘Salawat.’

Dua For Wife To Be Obedient

Dua For Wife To Be Obedient, This article is for the husbands who want to regain the love and affection of their beloved wives. If you are facing such a problem by the end of your wife, you can go for the Almighty Allah’s help. If you are good in intention, you will receive the fruitful result from the Dua for the wife to be obedient.

But keep in mind that you will get a positive result depending on your intention. If you are making the Dua for her love, not for dominating her, the result will come. Otherwise, Allah will not be going to support you. For performing the Dua for the wife to be obedient, you must go through some rituals that are mentioned beneath-

  • Try to initiate the Dua on Thursday by following the Esha prayer.
  • Think about your wife while performing the Dua.
  • Start your prayer after your cleanliness (ablution).

“Allahumma sale alamuhammadinwaala ale muhammadin”

  • Now utter the above said sacred wordings with the whole of your attention for hundred occasions accordingly.
  • After that, you should recite the sanctified Durood Shareef for hundred consistent occasions.

Please follow the whole process for the upcoming seven days to get the maximum result. But make sure that you are performing the Dua for the wife to be obedient to achieve her love. If you have other intentions like dominating her or torture her, then you will never the mercy of the Almighty Allah.

Dua For Controlling Wife

Dua For Controlling Wife, If your wife is fighting without any proper reason and very often then you have to do something. Because in such condition your marital relation and whole life are staying at a risky zone. Therefore ask for the help of the superpower. Allah Talah is the source of that power that can help you with offering a beautiful life ahead. So in this state of mind, start the Dua for controlling wife.

But to initiate the Dua for controlling wife to must take the consent of your molvi. It is true that in Islam, you can find all the remedies you need for your life-related problems. You can get the result from the Dua by following the under said process-

“La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illah Billah”

  • This is the Dua for controlling wife. The concerned Dua is a very powerful and effective way to enhance control over your wife. Start to utter the sacred wordings for forty consistent occasions.
  • Take your wife’s hair along a thread from your dress and utter the sacred ‘Surah Zilal.’ This time you have to utter both your end at the end.

After performing the above-said process, make seven consistent knots on the thread and hair.

  • Now throw the knotted thread and hair into the water.

If you can do all the processes accordingly, then you will witness the change shortly. Along with this procedure, you have to pray to the superpower Allah all the time.

Wazifa For Wife To Love Her Husband

Wazifa For Wife To Love Her Husband, We feel very low when our partner avoids us. This is a painful and stressful situation. But you don’t need to take so much stress. Because the omnipotent Allah is with you, with the help of the Almighty Allah, you will be able to go through the sea of bad luck. Therefore from today, start the ‘Wazifa for the wife to love her husband.’  It will be a great help to you if you can start the “Al-Mutakabir” in this state of mind.  You need to read it for 3125 occasions with immense concentration. Besides this, you have to perform the sacred “awa-u-akher Darood Sharif.” If you want to reunite husband and wife then use our Dua To Reunite Husband And Wife.

The Wazifa for the wife to love her husband is an essential thing in these circumstances. As much as you can perform the Dua, you will get the change accordingly. You will witness that your wife is again trusting you, obeying you, respecting you. In this way, you can earn a happy life forever. To perform the Wazifa to get the major consequences, you have to follow some extremities. These are-

“Laaaa haaawlaa waa laaaa quwwaataa illaaaa billaaha”

  • Utter the above-mentioned sacred wordings to get the result for consistency forty times regularly.

“Yaaaa aar-haaamaar-raaaahaimeeeen”

  • Along with the above mentioned, Wazifa does perform this Wazifa as well for the appropriate consequences. You must read the concerned Wazifa for seven occasions accordingly every day.
  • Don’t forget to perform your five-time Namaz every day because it is the basic pillar of your faith in Allah.

While you are performing the Wazifa, you will notice that your wife is coming closer to you gradually. She will also start to remain in your control as well.

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